Embrace Our Sovereignty or Continue the Genocide?


“The most consistent theme in the descriptions penned about the New World was amazement at the Indians’ personal liberty, in particular their freedom from rulers and from social classes based on ownership of property. For the first time the French and the British became aware of the possibility of living in social harmony and prosperity without the rule of a king.” — Jack Weatherford, “Indian Givers”

Almost immediately, all that was known about society, government and social order had come into question for the Europeans who washed up on our shores half a millennium ago. Social order without a hierarchy? Equality? Even between genders? Unalienable rights bestowed to all by Creation?

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Kane, John. "Embrace Our Sovereignty or Continue the Genocide?" Let's Talk Native. The Two Row Times. March 25, 2014. Opinion. (http://www.tworowtimes.com/opinions/columns/lets-talk-native/embrace-our..., accessed April 1, 2014)