First Nation Small Business and Entrepreneurship in Canada


There are thousands of Aboriginal organizations in Canada. They are owned, managed and staffed, wholly or in part, by First Nation (status and non-status Indian), Inuit, and Métis men, women, and youth. They exist in every region in the country where they perform profit, not-for-profit, co-operative, voluntary, and governmental tasks and functions. While large Aboriginal organizations act at international, national, regional, and local levels, smaller ones continue to attend primarily to community needs and demands. Most important, many of these organizations are playing an increasingly active role in supporting movements by Aboriginal peoples in regaining control and authority over their own economic, social and political affairs. This trend includes recovering, managing and governing land and resources, defining and pursuing sustainable economic and social development, and promoting varied business and entrepreneurial activities.

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Weir, Warren I. "First Nation Small Business and Entrepreneurship in Canada". Research Paper for the National Centre for First Nations Governance. The National Centre for First Nations Governance. Canada. December 2007. Paper. (, accessed May 5, 2023)

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