Ho-Chunk Nation: Governmental Structure Excerpt


Section 1. Sovereignty. The Ho-Chunk Nation possesses inherent sovereign powers by virtue of self-government and democracy.
Section 2. Branches of Government. The government of the Ho-Chunk Nation shall be composed of four (4) branches: General Council, Legislature, Executive, and Judiciary.
Section 3. Separation of Functions. No branch of the government shall exercise the powers or functions delegated to another branch. 
Section 4. Supremacy Clause. This Constitution shall be the supreme law over all territory and persons within the jurisdiction of the Ho-Chunk Nation.

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Ho-Chunk Nation. 1994. "The Constitution of The Ho-Chunk Nation." Black River Falls, WI.

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Ho-Chunk Nation Constitution

Location: Wisconsin Population: 6563 Date of Constitution: 1994, as amended 2000 and 2009


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