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The Bloodline_Racialized Boundary Making and Citizenship Among Native Nations

The Blood Line: Racialized Boundary Making and Citizenship among Native Nations

Blood informs a central racial ideology in the United States that has historically been used to racialize many different groups. American Indians (AIs) are the only population in the United States for whom the racial logic of blood remains codified as a means of conferring collective belonging.…


Indigenous Data Sovereignty: The CARE Principles and the Biocultural Labels Initiative

  The NYU Alliance for Public Interest Technology Alliance is a dynamic and multidisciplinary group of NYU faculty who are experts on the responsible and ethical creation, use and governance of technology in society. The Alliance is a provostial initiative that connects numerous NYU hubs and…

White Earth Nation Constitutional Reform Workbook

White Earth Nation Constitutional Reform Workbook

The core purpose of this Constitution is to take action and directly express, through that action, native cultural sovereignty. This workbook is designed to help the citizens of the White Earth Nation to understand their constitution. Through this effort and through your understanding of the…