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ANCSA at 50: America’s Forgotten Indigenous Rights Movement


Fifty years ago, the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act passed into law. In one historic piece of legislation, Indigenous Alaskans’ claims to the land were extinguished and a new Indigenous legal landscape was formed. In exchange, Alaska Native communities received title to 44 million acres of land and roughly $1 billion dollars. These assets were to be overseen by 12 regional corporations and more than 200 village corporations. Only Alaska Natives could become the shareholders of these corporations, which were instructed to simultaneously make a profit, oversee traditional lands, and provide social services to their shareholders.

There are no other corporations like the Alaska Native corporations, and there is no other place in Indian Country with this legal setup. Today, the complex act impacts almost every aspect of Alaska Native life, and yet there has been little reporting on its long-term impacts. Indian Country Today’s ANCSA at 50 series aims to change that.

This is the first article in this series by Indian Country Today , "ANCSA at 50".

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Constitution proposed for Cherokee

Smoky Mountain News

Cherokee voters will have the chance to give their nation a long-awaited constitution if Tribal Council approves a referendum question proposed for the September ballot. 

“Right now we don’t have a constitution. We have a charter, and a charter is for an organization, a corporation or something of that nature,” said Lloyd Arneach, leader of a working group that has spent the past two years developing a proposed constitution. “A constitution is for a government, and for the tribe to continue to operate in the future, we need to be on even footing as a government-to-government relationship with state government, with county government, with federal government.”

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