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Native Nations Institute Harvard Project COVID Policy Briefs

Policy Brief: The Need for a Significant Allocation of COVID‐19 Response Funds to American Indian Nations

This policy brief addresses the impact of the current COVID‐19 crisis on American Indian tribal economies, tribes’ responses to the crisis, and the implications of these impacts and actions for the US government’s allocation of crisis‐response funds to federally recognized tribes. We conclude that…


Honoring Nations: Julie Wilson: Child Welfare in Indian Country

Scholar Julie Wilson opens the session "Family Strengthening in Indian Country" with a discussion of recent research conducted by the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development that explores the role families play in improving child and community welfare in Indian Country, highlighting…


Honoring Nations: Lenny Foster: Navajo Nation Corrections Project

Program Supervisor Lenny Foster with the Navajo Nations Corrections Projects discusses how and why the project was created, and it how it is advocating on behalf of Native Americans prisoners across the country to ensure that their civil rights and religious freedom rights are respected.