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Ben Nuvamsa: What I Wish I Knew Before I Took Office

Former Chairman of the Hopi Tribe Ben Nuvamsa speaks about his tenure as the elected chief executive of his nation, and how the governance issues he and his nation have experienced in recent years offer important lessons to other Native nations.  


Regis Pecos: The Role of Core Values in Cochiti Governance and Renewal

In this excerpted video, former Cochiti Governor Regis Pecos provides an overview of the core values that are integral to Cochiti's culture and way of life, and shows how his people relied on the application of those core values to overcome a catastrophe and rebuild its nation and community. This…


Patricia Ninham-Hoeft: What I Wish I Knew Before I Took Office (2008)

Oneida Nation Business Committee Secretary Patricia Ninham-Hoeft reflects on her experience as a leader of her nation, and shares a list of the five leadership skills she wished she had mastered before she took office.


Native Nation Building TV: "Leadership and Strategic Thinking"

Guests Peterson Zah and Angela Russell tie together the themes discussed in the previous segments into a conversation about how Native nations and their leaders move themselves and their peoples towards nation building. They address the question all Native nations have: How do we get where we want…


Ktunaxa Nation: Building from their Vision

This video, produced by the National Centre for First Nations Governance, offers a history behind the vision or mission statement of the Ktunaxa Nation in British Columbia.

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Back to the Bison: Part I

Back to the Bison Case Study Part I

Thirty years after taking over the reins of forestry, recreation, wildlife and other natural resource operations on their reservation lands, the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (CSKT) established a reputation for environmental leadership in wildlife, wilderness, recreation and co-management…