Sípnuuk Digital Library, Archives and Museum

Karuk Cultural Information & Knowledge Policy Statement: Sípnuuk Digital Library, Archives and Museum

U.S. Copyright Laws privilege western intellectual property systems and function as an enforcement tool for ongoing colonial rule over our documented traditional Karuk knowledge. Karuk cultural heritage documentation is currently and has historically been subject to United States Copyright laws,…


IDSov and the silent data revolution: Indigenous Peoples and the decentralized building blocks of web3

This article explores the technology underpinning the decentralized data revolution and encourages Indigenous Peoples (IPs) to secure their Indigenous Data Sovereignty (IDSov) over the Metaverse and Web3. More specifically, this article will survey blockchain technologies, exploring some disturbing…


Indigenize the Internet: How to close the digital divide by respecting tribal sovereignty by Darrah Blackwater

Broadband internet and the tools necessary to access it are critical for economic development, education and employment opportunities, and public health and safety for tribal nations and their citizens. Broadband internet is an essential utility, especially during this global pandemic, which is…