uniform commercial code (UCC)


Joseph P. Kalt: The Practical Issues of Business Development - Some Things to Consider: Legal Structure

Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development Co-Director Joseph P. Kalt discusses the types of corporations that Native nations can charter and what they should consider when deciding which type to choose.


Ron His Horse Is Thunder: The Keys to Effective Governance and Economic Development: Predictability and Sustainability

Former Chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Ron His Horse Is Thunder discusses why predictability and sustainability are so critical to effective Native nation governance and economic development.


Native Nation Building TV: "Promoting Tribal Citizen Entrepreneurs"

Guests Joan Timeche and Elsie Meeks examine the pivotal role that citizen entrepreneurs can play in a Native nation's overarching effort to achieve sustainable community and economic development. It looks at the many different ways that Native nation governments actively and passively hinder…