United Tribes Technical College (UTTC)


Honoring Nations: David Gipp: Sovereignty Today

President David Gipp of United Tribes Technical College synthesizes the words of the "Sovereignty Today" presenters at the 2007 Honoring Nations symposium, and discusses the direct relationship between a Native nation's effective exercise of sovereignty and its distinct traditional cultural values…


Honoring Nations: David Gipp: Sovereignty, Education and United Tribes Technical College

United Tribes Technical College President David Gipp discusses the impetus behind the establishment of United Tribes Technical College (UTTC) and the emergence of the tribal college movement, the growth of UTTC over the past four decades, and the critical roles tribal colleges and universities play…


Indian Pride: Episode 110: Indian Education

Indian Pride, an American Indian cultural magazine television series, spotlights the diverse cultures of American Indian people throughout the country. This episode of Indian Pride features David Gipp, President of the United Tribes Technical College, and focuses on the topic of Indian Education. (…