Valerie Davidson

Governance and Wellness Roundtable - Alaska Tribal Government Symposium

Native Nations Institute

This discussion at the Alaska Tribal Government Symposium emphasizes the connections between Indigenous self-government and wellness.  Western methodologies are eager to emphasize the gaps in wellness (social, economic, and medical and mental health outcomes) between natives and non-natives. These gaps have been a strong justification for the imposition of western health and wellness models on the delivery of services to Native populations. Yet a growing body of evidence suggest that shifting the responsibility for wellness to Native communities, foregrounding Indigenous ways of knowing and Native nation self-governance, gives rise to greater wellness than western approaches. Roundtable participants discuss their experience with these ideas from their own wide-ranging perspectives, and share indigenous measures of wellness.

Native Nations
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Native Nations Institute. "Governance and Wellness Roundtable" Alaska Tribal Government Symposium. Fairbanks, Alaska. November 16, 2016. 

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