Spirit of Enterprise: Apache Warrior Stokes his Entrepreneurial Fires With a Firefighting Business

Indian Country Today

At 18, Clyde Campbell worked on the engine crew for the U.S. Forest Service and later, the Hot Shot crew in Payson, Ariz., fighting fires. Though the work was dangerous, difficult and demanding at times, Campbell said he loved every minute of it. “It was fun building trails and working out in the forest. Keeps you healthy and makes you accountable.”

Years later, this exciting and unforgettable experience sparked an idea for Campbell to start Apache Fire Warriors, LLC -- a private company that contracts with the government to help fight wildfires...

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Armitage, Lynn. "Spirit of Enterprise: Apache Warrior Stokes his Entrepreneurial Fires With a Firefighting Business." Indian Country Today. December 10, 2013. Article. (https://ictnews.org/archive/spirit-of-enterprise-apache-warrior-stokes-his-entrepreneurial-fires-with-a-firefighting-business, accessed November 30, 2023)

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