Stirring the Ashes


One of the biggest challenges for any people is broad participation in the issues that affect everyone. And when you stop and think about it, there is very little from the smallest ripples in a family to major calamities in a community that occurs without impacting others.

The notion of “mind your own business” or “let someone else handle it” has become commonplace in many cultures. As we observe the flaws of some of these other cultures and societies there are those among us that would like to think the Haudenosaunee lived in a utopian society where conflict and controversy could never find a home. We speak of “the good mind” as though our ancestors never had bad thoughts...

Native Nations
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Kane, John. "Stirring the Ashes." Let's Talk Native. The Two Row Times. April 1, 2014. Opinion. (, accessed January 22, 2024)

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