Tribe Moves Slowly But Surely Towards a New Constitution


The specter of a constitution has again risen in Cherokee, making its way to committee for the first time in 15 years. Tribal council last week voted to create a constitutional task force, the second step in a long process that will require discussions, debates and, should it reach the final finish line, a vote by the entire tribe on a document. If approved by the majority of the people, it would forever change their way of governing. The idea of crafting a self-governing constitution to replace a state-imposed charter for the tribe has been floated on and off for years, at times more seriously than others. It’s always proved too controversial to succeed...

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Dunn, Colby. "Tribe Moves Slowly But Surely Towards a New Constitution." Smoky Mountain News. July 20, 2011. Article. (, accessed May 24, 2012)