Cigarette smuggling and the Akwesasne Mohawk Reserve

CBC Television

In this CBC Television news report from 1988, reporter Bruce Garvey takes a long look at the selling -- some call smuggling -- of tax-free cigarettes at the Akwesasne Indian Reserve. Garvey presents this report on the difficulties created by the unique situation of the Akwesasne Indian Reserve, which spans the U.S.-Canada border. Some of the Natives feel that they should be allowed to cross the border without the indignity of having to answer questions and have their cars searched daily; others take advantage of the reserve's sovereignty and exemptions from sales tax by smuggling cigarettes over the border at night and selling them tax-free to Canadians. The cigarette dealers and bingo hall operators on the reserve cause the local Mohawk government more grief than the U.S. and Canadian Federal governments combined...

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CBC Television. "Cigarette smuggling and the Akwesasne Mohawk Reserve." The Journal (Bruce Garvey reporting). Toronto, Ontario. April 11, 1988. Video.  (, accessed March 22, 2023)

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