Gila River Indian Community Constitution


Location: approximately 34 miles south of the Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, Arizona.

Population: 11,257

Date of Constitution: 1960


Gila River Indian Community. 1960. "Constitution and By-Laws of the Gila River Indian Community, Arizona." Sacaton, AZ. 

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Gila River Indian Community: Legislative Functions Excerpt

ARTICLE VI–QUALIFICATIONS OF OFFICERS Section 1. No person shall be elected or hold office as Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Chief Judge, Associate Judges, or Councilmen unless he (1) is a member of the Community; (2) has reached the age of twenty-five (25) years; (3) has been living in the…


Gila River Indian Community (GRIC) Chief Judge Anthony Hill, who served as Chair of the Gila River Constitutional Reform Team, discusses the reform process that GRIC followed, the current state of GRIC's reform effort, and what he sees as lessons learned from Gila River's experience.

Gila River Indian Community Tribal Constitutional Reform Project

The Gila River Constitutional Reform Task Force created this presentation in conjunction with its comprehensive public information campaign to educate community members about Gila River's recent reform process and the importance of a constitution created by the community.