Hopi Tribe: Preamble Excerpt



This Constitution, to be known as the Constitution and By-laws of the Hopi Tribe, is adopted by the self-governing Hopi and Tewa Villages of Arizona to provide a way of working together for peace and agreement between the villages, and of preserving the good things of Hopi life, and to provide a way of organizing to deal with modern problems, with the United States government and with the outside world generally.

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The Hopi Tribe. 1936. "Constitution and By-Laws of the Hopi Tribe." Kykotsmovi, AZ. 

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Hopi Tribe Constitution

Location: Arizona Population: 19,000 Date of Constitution: 1936

Hopi Tribe: Governmental Structure Excerpt

ARTICLE III-ORGANIZATION SECTION 1. The Hopi Tribe is a union of self-governing villages sharing common interests and working for the common welfare of all. It consists of the following recognized villages: First Mesa (consolidated villages of Walpi, Shitchumovi, and Tewa). Mishongnovi. Sipaulavi…

A Leader Emerges: Hopi Tribe Adopts New Criminal Code According to Tribal Law and Order Act Standards

The Hopi Tribal Council voted to adopt a new criminal code on August 28, thereby scrapping a 1970s version that all but failed to punish sex crimes and limited tribal prosecutors to one-year terms, even for murder. In doing so, the small Arizona tribe emerged as a leader in Indian country when it…