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Honoring Nations: Miriam Jorgensen: Lessons to Take Home

NNI Research Director Miriam Jorgensen concludes the 2004 Honoring Nations symposium with her impressions about the lessons learned from the convening, from the great diversity among Native nations to the great strides they are taking when they devise their own solutions to the challenges they face…


Honoring Nations: Manley Begay: Reflections on the Day

Harvard Project on American Development Co-Director Manley A. Begay, Jr. synthesizes the learning that took place during the first day of the 2004 Honoring Nations symposium, focusing on the nation-building success stories chronicled during the day as testaments to and reflections of Indigenous…


Richard Luarkie: Choosing to be Bitter or Better: A Perspective from a Pueblo Upbringing

Pueblo of Laguna Governor Richard Luarkie shares his rich Pueblo upbringing, a deep tradition of contribution to community, and inspiration to live a great life. Richard has a passion to contribute to global economic and community advancement using his Pueblo cultural values and teachings.