Honoring Nations: Julie Wilson: Child Welfare in Indian Country

Scholar Julie Wilson opens the session "Family Strengthening in Indian Country" with a discussion of recent research conducted by the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development that explores the role families play in improving child and community welfare in Indian Country, highlighting…


Honoring Nations: Oren Lyons: Governing Our Way to a Brighter Future

Onondaga Chief and Faithkeeper Oren Lyons shares his perspective on why governance matters to the sovereignty and long-term prosperity of Indigenous peoples, and stresses the importance of adhering to the long-taught instructions that have ensured the survival of those peoples to this day.


Greg Cajete: Indigenous Paradigm: Building Sustainable Communities

Greg Cajete, Director of Native American Studies at the University of Mexico, shares his more than three decades of work and research on Indigenous epistemologies for human and ecological sustainability, and discusses the need for scholars, academic institutions, and others to fully embrace these…

Thomas Holm: The Vanishing Indian Prof: Reflections on American Indian Studies by an Old Indian Academic

Dr. Tom Holm (Creek/Cherokee), one of the founders of the University of Arizona's American Indian Studies program, discusses the evolution of American Indian studies programs across the country and the need for those programs to provide an environment for intellectual exchange and development for…