Legend Lake: A Talking Circle

Terra Institute's Building Bridges Program

The documentary video recounts the saga of Legend Lake, a beautiful 5,160 acre lake development, formed by joining 9 smaller lakes in the Menominee Indian Reservation (with the same boundaries as Menominee County) in northern Wisconsin whose shore land was subdivided and sold mostly to non-Menominee people. Legend Lake represents another chapter in the long and often contentious relationship between American Indians and non-Indians in Wisconsin. 

Why and how the lake came into being, what land issues have arisen and what might be done to manage them is the subject of this video and related reference materials which build on the video's themes. While the documentary is instructive in its own right, the packet of study materials provides teachers, students and community members with more information for greater understanding of the differing perspectives on land in the Legend Lake area...

Native Nations

Rolo, Mark Anthony. "Legend Lake: A Talking Circle." Terra Institute, LTD. Produced for the Terra Institute's Building Bridges Program. 2010. Documentary. (http://www.terrainstitute.org/legend_lake.html, accessed March 1, 2013)

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