(Re)building Indigenous Governance with Breanne Lavallee-Heckert (Podcast Episode)


In this episode, Heather and, guest host, Carey Newman have a conversation with Métis activist Breanne Lavallee-Heckert. When we spoke with Breanne, she was the Research Director for Indigenous Climate Action, an Indigenous-led organization that works on connecting and supporting Indigenous communities to reinforce their place as leaders who are driving climate change solutions for today and tomorrow.

Carey and Heather speak with Breanne about the limits of the Canadian legal system for addressing issues of planetary health and why she chose to reject the process of being called to the bar. Listen and learn how she’s working to build new futures for Indigenous governance.

This podcast is created by the Impact Chair in Transformative Governance for Planetary Health at the University of Victoria, with production from Cited Media. We are supported by grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

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Carey Newman (host). "EP4:(Re)building Indigenous Governance with Breanne Lavallee-Heckert." (n.d.) Indigenous Planetary Health Podcast. Impact Chair in Transformative Governance for Planetary Health. Retrieved from: https://indigenousplanetaryhealth.ca/ep4-rebuilding-indigenous-governan…

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