Seneca Nation Constitution

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Seneca Nation: Terms of Office Excerpt

SECTION I. Our government shall have a legislative, executive, and judiciary department. The legislative power shall be vested in a Council of sixteen members, who shall be known and called the Councillors of the Seneca Nation of Indians, eight Councillors elected to the Council shall be from the …

Seneca Nation Implements Native Plant Policy

The Seneca Nation of Indians are spearheading a movement to reintroduce more indigenous flora to public landscapes on tribal lands in Upstate New York. The tribal council unanimously approved a policy that mandates all new landscaping in public spaces on Seneca lands exclusively be comprised of…

Entering Seneca Nation Territory sign: o : nõtowa' ke : onõ' ohiyo : nõ' (Seneca language)

The Seneca Nation of Indians have a deep rooted history in Western New York. Stories of their ancestors are here and their culture from ceremonies to traditions is still very much alive. But the language, a huge part of their culture, is dying. That's why there is a big push to preserve the…