Yurok Tribe: Jurisdiction/Territory Excerpt



SECTION 1 - Ancestral Lands

The Ancestral Lands of the Yurok Tribe extend unbroken along the Pacific Ocean coast (including usual and customary off­shore fishing areas) from Damnation Creek, its northern boundary, to the southern boundary of the Little River drainage basin, and unbroken along the Klamath River, including both sides and its bed, from its mouth upstream to and including the Bluff Creek drainage basin. Included within these lands are the drainage basin of Wilson Creek, the drainage basins of all streams entering the Klamath River from its mouth upstream to and including the Bluff Creek and Slate Creek drainage basins, including the village site at Big Bar (except for the drainage basin upstream from the junction of Pine Creek and Snow Camp Creek), and the Canyon Creek (also known as Tank Creek) drainage basin of the Trinity River, the drainage basins of streams entering the ocean or lagoons between the Klamath River and Little River (except for the portion of the Redwood Creek drainage basin beyond the McArthur Creek drainage basin, and except for the portion of the Little River drainage basin which lies six miles up from the ocean). Our Ancestral Lands include all submerged lands, and the beds, banks and waters of all the tributaries within the territory just described. Also included within the Ancestral Lands is a shared interest with other tribes in ceremonial high country sites and trails as known by the Tribe, as well as the Tribes usual and customary hunting, fishing and gathering sites. The Ancestral Lands are depicted on the "Map of Yurok Ancestral Lands", on file in the Yurok Tribal Offices.

SECTION 2 - Territory

The territory of the Tribe consists of all Ancestral Lands, and specifically including, but not limited to, the Yurok Reservation and any lands that may hereafter be acquired by the Tribe, within or without Ancestral Lands.

SECTION 3 - Jurisdiction

The jurisdiction of the Yurok Tribe extends to all of its member wherever located, to all persons throughout its territory, and within its territory, over all lands, waters, river beds, submerged lands, properties, air space, minerals, fish, forests, wildlife, and other resources, and any interest therein now or in the future. 

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