Blackfeet Constitutional Change Class

Blackfeet Community College

The summation of all several videos...the complete 6 1/2 hour taping of the discussion of why our current Constitution, Charter, and Plan of Operations have become ineffective for our current times as a people and Piikani Nation for "Blackfeet Government Change" of Joe McKay and Blackfeet Community College "Blackfeet Constitutional Change Class" given to the community and students and faculty of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation and Piikani People at large to inform them about the contents of their Constitution, Charter, and Plan of Operations for future use by all Piikani (Blackfeet).

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McKay, Joe. Blackfeet Constitutional Change Class. Blackfeet Community College. Browning, Montana. Apr 1, 2015. Video. (, accessed March 8, 2023)


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Greg Gilham, Former Chair of the Blackfeet Nation's Constitution Reform Committee, discusses the process the committee developed to move constitutional reform forward.

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