Courts & Peacemaking in the Navajo Nation: A Public Guide


The history of our judiciary begins in our ancient history. According to the Journey Narrative, the People journeyed through four worlds and, in the course of their journey, came upon many problems both natural and caused by the People, which had to be resolved before the journey continued. The solution begins in a place of chaos, hóóchx̨o’/ anáhóót’i’.  When hóóchx̨o’/anáhóót’i’ is confronted, people may learn there is a choice to leave it.  When harmony, hózh̨̨ó, is self-realized, sustaining it will have clarity and permanent hózh̨̨ó will be self-attainable, hózh̨ǫ́ójí k’ehgo nįná’íldee’ iłhááhodidzaa ná’oodzíí’. In short, the concept of Diné justice is founded on the achievement of sustainable hózh̨̨ó, which is in the People’s own hands, and it is the duty of the judiciary to maximize this responsibility as far as our processes allow...

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Navajo Nation. Courts & Peacemaking in the Navajo Nation: A Public Guide. Navajo Nation. February 23, 2021. Guide. (, accessed March 29, 2023)

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