Vine Deloria Jr.


Jeff Corntassel: Sustainable Self-Determination: Re-envisioning Indigenous Governance, Leadership and Resurgence

Scholar Jeff Corntassel (Cherokee) lays out his comprehensive explanation for what sustainable self-determination entails for Indigenous peoples in the 21st century, and provides examples of some of the ways that he and others are engaging in small and large acts of resurgence that contribute to…


Wilma Mankiller: What it Means to be an Indigenous Person in the 21st Century: A Cherokee Woman's Perspective

Former Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation Wilma Mankiller discusses the common misperceptions that people have about Indigenous people in the 21st century, and the efforts of Indigenous peoples to maintain their identity, cultures, values, and ways of life.

Vine Deloria, Jr. (Standing Rock Sioux Tribe) in 1978

A conversation with Vine Deloria, Jr.

Indian writer Vine Deloria responds to questions from three interviewers, discussing the status quo of American writing about Indians. Deloria offers educational recommendations for Native Americans to counteract the predominance of Anglo viewpoints in the current literature.

Thomas Holm: The Vanishing Indian Prof: Reflections on American Indian Studies by an Old Indian Academic

Dr. Tom Holm (Creek/Cherokee), one of the founders of the University of Arizona's American Indian Studies program, discusses the evolution of American Indian studies programs across the country and the need for those programs to provide an environment for intellectual exchange and development for…