Rebuilding Native Nations Course: What I Learned


I had the opportunity to take the Rebuilding Native Nations Strategies for Governance and Development course offered by the Native Nations Institute at the University of Arizona. I was lucky enough to take the online course at no charge through an article I saw on ICTMN. The course costs $75 as of this writing and gives much more in terms of educational value...

The focus of the course is teaching Native people the value of creating a self-determined and self-defined nation. I found it to be very thought provoking as examples of successes and failures of various Native nations are explored. In a nutshell, it teaches that an external agency cannot effectively build the institutions and tools needed for a nation to be successful. These things must be generated by the people being affected–the citizens themselves... 

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Rogers, Mark. "Rebuilding Native Nations Course: What I Learned." Indian Country Today Media Network. August 7, 2014. Opinion. (, accessed August 7, 2014)