Authenticity: Ethnic Indians, non-Indians and Reservation Indians


Authenticity is a puzzling feature of contemporary Indian life. Growing up on an Indian reservation, I rarely encountered challenges to one’s identity as an Indian person. People within the reservation community knew most of the families. If they didn’t know the family connections of a specific person they could learn with a few inquiries to elders or their own family members.

One grows up on a reservation community where there is an old and somewhat fixed family and kinship structure. There is very little doubt about who belongs and who does not, at least from a lineal descendent point of view. Tribal membership, because of blood quantum and other rules, may be more complicated and legalistic. A person whose family has lived within a tribal reservation community for as long as people can remember and who are legally tribal members usually do not encounter challenges to tribal identity from tribal community members...

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Champagne, Duane. "Authenticity: Ethnic Indians, non-Indians and Reservation Indians." Indian Country Today Media Network. January 6, 2014. Opinion. (, accessed March 7, 2023)

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